Team CVM

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  • Maggie, Sylvie & Louie
    CVM Friendship Ambassadors
    Maggie, Sylvie & Louie

    Why we work here:

    Hello!  We are the Friendship Ambassadors of CVM Autopark, which means that we will happily welcome you into the CVM family with lots of wags & wiggles.  We love it here and we love our customers.  We want to thank you for considering doing business with us and we thank all of our current customers for your continued business. 

    We know that in order to be successful we need to treat you the way you want to be treated, the way we want to be treated, with lots of treats and no tricks!


    How you can get in touch with us:

    In person only.  We can not respond to email or answer the phone because we communicate with tail language.  We can be found in the Dodge building in our mommy's office.  Please visit us - we live to make new friends!


  • Monique Ullom
    Monique Ullom

    Why I work here: I work here because it is my family's business and I have a great sense of pride in the dealership, our employees and the service we provide to individuals, families and businesses.  I consistently strive to make CVM a place that customers and employees can enjoy. Plus, I believe our dealership is a place where you'll feel like you're part of my family and receive the highest quality products and services. About me:I began my career at CVM in 1971 when I dutifully sharpened pencils at the age of 4.  Eventually I was given a promotion to Director of Marketing Displays which meant that I stocked the brochure racks.  By the time I reached high school I was able to wash cars.  My parents no longer gave me cool titles; I guess they thought I outgrew the need.  After college I became a salesperson, a leasing manager, rental manager, business manager, service advisor, used car manager, new car sales manager, and general manager.  In 2003 I took over the business from my parents and became President of CVM Autopark.  I still sharpen the pencils though. My superhero abilities: I can text, talk on the phone, yell at my dogs to stop barking and smile all at the same time! I do no evil, as Shakespeare admonishes, "Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none." I have fun every day. I am an employer. I am a positive person and positive example. I encourage my employees, give them self-confidence and help them understand our business principles.

  • Michael Page
    CVM General Sales Manager
    Michael Page

    Why I work here:

    Where else would I be?  I like to be the best and CVM embodies my own ideals.  I love the challenge and the possibility of something new every day.


    Why should you consider buying a car from me?

    I'll do whatever it takes!


    About me:

    I started working at CVM in 2003 and have been in the automotive industry since college at Millersville University.  I have a son about to graduate from high school and embark on his new college adventure.  When I am not working with customers or at the dealership I enjoy reading, boating, fishing, playing with my dogs and watching the Dolphins.


    My superhero abilities:

    1.      X-Ray Vision: I can see the possibilities others can't

    2.      I have the patience of a saint, I mean superhero


    How you can get in touch with me:


    Call the dealership: (717) 697-9448, ext. 201

  • Tammy Reisinger
    Director of First Impressions
    Tammy Reisinger

    Why I work here:

    I work her because it is a family owned business with a great reputation.  The owners are honest & trustworthy and most of us CVMers have a lot of longevity & experience with the company.  I love my boss!  I love the environment here, I love my job, I love our customers and I am so appreciative to them and I want you all to know I take enormous pride in my job.


    Why should you consider buying a car from me/CVM?

    I am very personable, I have great follow-up.  I am here to sell you a car at a deal you can not resist.  I am knowledgeable of our products and services and I have been in this business for many years - 20 plus!  Plus who can resist CVM Autoperks!


    About me:

    It's all about me being a hard worker, multitasker who wants things done right.  I know that in order for us to be successful we must work as a team and I truly enjoy being a part of that team.  I love my family - I am about to be a grandmother for the 2nd time, my job, camping and block shooting.  I am very thankful to work for a great company and wonderful Monique.


    My superhero abilities:

    1.      Answer 500 calls in 8 hours and direct them correctly and always friendly

    2.      Play extremely well with others

    3.      Sense of smell:  can smell BS from 10 miles away

    4.      I CAN DO ANYTHING


    How you can get in touch with me:


    Call the dealership: (717) 697-9448, ext. 100

  • Fran Kachnoskie
    Internet Sales Manager
    Fran Kachnoskie

    Why I work here:  I worked for Carlisle Events for several years and became a fan of the auto industry.  Meeting Monique Ullom sealed the deal.  I love the atmosphere - it couples hard work with fun people.  The mix is important to the work day.  It's rewarding helping customers find the perfect car at the perfect deal!

    About me:  I am married and we love travelling to Williamsburg for a fun getaway.  I'm an honest straight shooter who will help anyone in need.  I love to cook and to eat and it shows;-)

    My Superhero Abilities:
    1.  I can tread water for hours
    2.  I do a darn good turkey call

  • Scott Keyser
    Business Develoment & Marketing Manager
    Scott Keyser

    Why I work here:
    I work at CVM because after buying 4 cars from the dealership, the only way I could ever find out if I truly got a good deal on my vehicles was to get a job here and research it myself.  After discovering that I got a GREAT deal I decided to stay.  CVM continues to provide me the therapy I need to overcome my addiction to new vehicles.  I simply pretend the hundreds of cars on the lot are mine and all is well.  The fact that I get to work with customers to help them find the perfect vehicle, see them drive off the lot, and manage the Business Development Center team is icing on the cake!

    About me:
    I was in the Navy for 12 years (9 years active, 3 reserve) and had the opportunity to see the world (don't get me started).  I'm new to the car industry, but not to marketing.  I have worked in the web development, graphic design and printing industry for nearly 10 years.  I have a passion for design and helping our customers understand what it means to buy a car from Cumberland Valley Motors.

  • Amanda Scott
    Internet Coordinator | Fleet Delivery
    Amanda Scott

    Why I work here: I love having contact with customers and this job is perfect for that. It gives me the chance to get to know our customers better on a  personal level. We have some real characters that come in here but they are why I love what I do!

    About me: When I am not at work I love to be outside. I really enjoy fishing with my husband (I always catch more than him!) and taking trips  down the creek in our canoe. When I am not out living life, I try to spend as much time with my family as possible. I have a large family so it is not always easy (some live in North Carolina and Alaska) but it is always fun! My biggest goal in life to is to be happy. I don't have to have a lot of money or a big house, I just want to be happy with who I am.

    You can reach me at: or 717-697-9448 ext#155

  • Mark Heverling
    Volkswagen Sales Manager
    Mark Heverling
    717-697-9448 ext 230

    Why I work here:  I joined the CVM family because the team atmosphere is what I enjoy the most.  I find the eagerness of my CVM Family to help customers impressive.

    Why you should choose me as your salesperson:  You should choose me because making sure my customers are well taken care of during & after the sale is VERY important.  I will never forget you after your first purchase.

    About me:  Huge beach bum!  Love music, wine, hiking & cooking for friends & family, running & meditation.  I've been in the biz many years making people happy!

    My Superhero Abilities:

    1. Making people smile!
    2. Being positive - after all, attitude is everything...choose yours wisely!
    3. Ability to make up words and get other people to use them

  • Leigh Miller
    Volkswagen Sales & Leasing Consultant
    Leigh Miller
    717-697-9448 ext235

    Why I work here: I love the family feel and being part of a team.  We all work together to make sure we take care of our customers and help them feel part of the family too.                                                                                             
    Why you should choose me as your Salesperson:  I enjoy meeting new people and developing  lasting friendships.  I want to help you and your family through a positive car buying process that is different from any other place you have visited or purchased from before.    And to find the car that fits all you and your family need.                                                                   
    Why should YOU consider buying a car from Me?     We WILL have a good time, laugh and I promise you will feel comfortable and taken care of.  At the end of your visit with us you will leave with your new car knowing you got a quality vehicle and the best deal but most importantly  a car that you and your family can enjoy for years to come.                                                                                                                                                   
    About Me: I have lived in the Mechanicsburg area most of my life except for a brief stint in the Dillsburg area where my husband and I started raising our two daughter's who are awesome young women.  I love to read and ride horses but traveling with my family is my most favorite.  I have been in various types of sales positions over the years but none have been as challenging or rewarding as working with the Volkswagen brand and the people here at CVM.

    How you can get a hold of me:
    ?    The Dealership: 717-697-9448                            
    ?    Straight to my Desk: ext 235                   
    ?    My Cell: 717-712-5023 (texting's ok)

  • Andy Pearlman
    Volkswagen Sales Associate
    Andy Pearlman

  • Ian Yerges
    Volkswagen Sales & Leasing Consultant
    Ian Yerges

    Why I work here:  Some people may think "a car dealership is a car dealership" and as long as you can find a job where you can make some money there's no reason to pick one place over another. I chose to work for CVM Autopark because from the moment I reached out to inquire on applying for the job I was treated like a member of the team. The entire staff (including our four-legged members) is very friendly and welcoming. We extend our family atmosphere and attitude to our customers so your experience buying a car will be just as rewarding as mine was applying for the job.                                                        
    Why you should choose me as your Salesperson: I will deliver a professional, stress-free approach and help you understand exactly what you're buying and why you should buy it. I will ensure that you are 100% satisfied with your vehicle before I ask for a commitment to purchase. Additionally, I will always be your "personal concierge" when it comes to your vehicle! Feel free to contact me night or day with any questions!

    About Me: I'm proud to say that I drive 45 miles one way to work for CVM. I am a 2011 graduate of Upper Dauphin High School and am working to attain a bachelors degree in Accounting from Central Penn College. It is my hope to make a lifelong career in the auto industry. I recently adopted a Boxer from Molly's Place here in Mechanicsburg. If you aren't familiar with Molly's, I highly recommend getting to know them; I would never get a dog elsewhere!

    My Superhero Abilities:

    1.    Ability to crash and destroy the so called "best deal" from other places and get you driving in a CVM vehicle!
    2.    Ability to get you in and out of the dealership faster than a bolt of lightning!

    How you can get a hold of me: 

    ?    The Dealership: 717-697-9448      
    ?    Straight to my Desk: ext 231                 
    ?    My Cell: 717-460-0662 (texting's ok)

  • Ed Post
    Business Manager
    Ed Post
    717-697-9448 ext120

    Why I work here:  It keeps me young. There are a lot of things to do but nothing beats doing what you love and that is why I work here. In Central PA there is not a better place to work, because in this house (the Dodge Lodge) I am among friends. Imagine having the opportunity to meet a new person every day and know that it is not by chance and then the joy of being trusted to assist that person with a major decision. That is why I work at CVM Autopark Dodge.

    As the Business Manager I work with you to make sure all options are made available during your vehicle purchase.

    About me:  I am the "king of karaoke" and you can catch me singing almost every Wednesday night.  I have a son Eddie and 2 daughters - Sara Beth & Miranda.  I love my family and enjoy spending as much time with them as possible.

    Click here
      to read what customers are saying about me...or read below.
    "This is my third lease/purchase from CVM in the past six years... Ed was my business manager for the third straight time. He is always a pleasure to deal with, very knowledgeable and helpful in getting the best deal. I would recommend CVM to anyone for a new or used purchase or lease."


  • Bob Hennion
    Dodge Sales Specialist
    Bob Hennion

    Congratulations Bob - Dodge Salesperson of the Year!

    2009, 2010, 2011, & 2012!

    Why I work here:

    CVM incorporates a friendly atmosphere where the customers always come first and the CVM team is treated with respect.


    Why should you consider buying a car from me?

    My customers will be given a thorough, professional presentation in a non-pressure manner to help them make the best decision on the right vehicle for them and their wants and needs.  I will make the process of buying a car a relaxed and enjoyable experience.


    About me:

    I am mature and professional.  I have a wonderful wife and family who I spend all of my time with when I am not at CVM.


    How you can get in touch with me:

    Call the dealership: (717) 697-9448, ext. 132

    To see what people are saying about me click here .

    "My experience with Cumberland Valley Motors Dodge was very pleasant. I went to them with an idea of what type of Dodge vehicle I wanted. Although they did not have what I was looking for on their lot, they took the time and effort to locate one that would suit my needs. They then worked out the arrangement to get the vehicle transported to their lot in order for me to purchase it. I would highly recommend Bob to anyone I come in contact with that may be looking for a Dodge vehicle".

  • Steve Troutman
    Dodge & Ram Sales & Leasing Consultant
    Steve Troutman
    717-697-9448ext 134

    Why I work here: 
    1.  Excellent Service Department
    2.  Caring & friendly employees
    3.   Customer satisfaction is everyone's #1 priority

    Why you should chose me as your Salesperson:  30 years in sales, 15 in automotive sales so I am experienced enough to help you find your "right" vehicle.  I am friendly, respecful, helpful & knowledgable.  I pride myself on providing satisfaction during & after the sale, I'm not pushy but I can guide you to a great selection for your needs.

    About me:  Baseball fan - little league, high school, college & professional.  I am the St Louis Cardinals' #1 fan.  I enjoy my family & grandchildren, love to travel especially to my favorite place - Disney World!

    Superhero abilities:
    1.  Friendly, no pressure sales presentation
    2.  Totally enjoy truck and commerical sales
    3.  A fan of fast & loud cars (Challengers & Chargers)
    4.  Strong dedication to the company, product, & customers
    5.  Help others any way I can 

  • Chris McBeth
    Dodge & Ram Sales Consultant
    Chris McBeth

  • John Donis
    Dodge/Ram Sales Consultant

    Photo not available

    (717) 697-9448 ext 137

  • Tim Julias
    Dodge & Ram Sales & Leasing Consultant

    Photo not available


  • Mike Luther
    Dodge Parts & Service Director
    Mike Luther

    Why I work here:

    As a husband and father of two boys I need to work and support them.  CVM has given me that opportunity, besides being a great place to work - great people working together to satisfy customers needs and wants.  CVM is the kind of place you would send family to purchase.


    Why you should choose me as your salesperson? 

    You should choose me as your parts salesperson - just look at me what more could you want?  Seriously I have 25 years plus MOPAR experience and have been certified most of them.  I have a wealth of knowledge and partner with other employees to satisfy even the toughest customer problem.  No part is too small for us to sell.


    Why should you consider buying a part from me?

    I have a ton of knowledge and the ability to find you the correct parts!


    About me:

    I am a loving husband and father or two boys.  I enjoy family time, hunting, fishing, and most of all Jesus.  I am a native of western PA and am a Pittsburgh Steelers fan (which pleases Monique very much!)


    My superhero abilities:

    1.      Able to calm the irate customers who have has a bad experience elsewhere

    2.      Able to find you that old part that everyone says doesn't exist

    3.      Able to make you laugh!


    How you can get in touch with me:


    Call the dealership: (717) 697-9448, ext. 170

  • Kate Reed
    CVM Dodge Service Advisor
    Kate Reed

    Congratulations Kate Reed - Service Advisor of the Year 2011 & 2012!

    Why I Work Here:  I've been with CVM as a Dodge Service Advisor for the past 9 years.  The reason I enjoy working at CVM is because of our customers.  Each and every customer that walks through the door is like family to us here and we strive to take the best care of everyone.   I enjoy working at CVM because I get to help people and help solve their problems. 

    About me:  I also like to in my free time help other people around the world.  I have gone on several missions trips to places such as Trinidad (Caribbean) , Tobago(Caribbean), St Lucia(Caribbean),  Barbados(Caribbean), Alaska, Nicaragua(Central America), El Salvador(Central America), and San Cantine Valley(Mexico).   Here at CVM our vision is "Providing the Best for You In Everything We Do!" and I believe that with my whole heart. 

    See what customer saying about me by clicking here  or read below.

    "I had purchased a 2004 Dodge Dakota from another dealership when I was feed up with the service of the other dealership I called CVM to have my service done. My first experience was with Kate who did ask if I had bought my truck from CVM. Even though I told her that I had not she still treated me as if I had bought my truck there. For the past couple of years I have had my truck serviced every 3,000 miles always dealing with Kate and have never had any problems with my service or the customer service. Due to the great experience that I had at CVM my wife looked at CVM when she was ready to purchase a new vehicle. We are now both owners of a Dodge vehicle and look forward to many more great service experiences."


  • Josh Thumma
    Dodge Service Advisor
    Josh Thumma
    717-697-9448ext 152

    Why I work here:  I work here because I really like cars and trucks.  The people that work here are awesome and I love working with them.  There is nothing better than making a customer happy.  When a customer comes in with a vehicle with a problem and we fix it they are happy that their problem is gone.  Now we have started a relationship with them and all we can do is build from there.

    About Me:  I worked in a kitchen since I was 15 years old.  CVM is the first job I have had in the automotive industry and I absolutely love it!!!  I like the people I work with and I love my customers, it's like one really big, happy family.  I love the customers and starting a relationship with them and helping them maintain their vehicle.

    My Superhero Abilities:

    • Incredible super speed to make your quick lube appointment  FAST
    • Smiling - I like to smile;)

  • Mike Sherrick
    Quick Lube Advisor
    Mike Sherrick

  • Nancy Kelley
    Dodge Parts Assistant Manager
    Nancy Kelley

    Why I work here:

    I enjoy the family atmosphere.  We work together to solve your needs in a timely and friendly manner.


    Why you should choose me as your salesperson? 

    I have 23 years of experience here at CVM in Dodge parts.  I've helped to restore some classic cars by finding those hard to get pieces.  Among these fine oldies were a 1972 Challenger and 197 Roadrunner.  I can help you with your new pride & joy too.  I have the knowledge and the know-how to keep you and your investment happy & healthy for years to come.


    Why should you consider buying a part from me?

    I will treat you with the respect you deserve.  And my knowledge of our product old and new will ensure you get the part you want.


    About me:

    I am a native of Carlisle and I grew up on a dairy farm.  I am the proud mother of a teenage girl and a gray Tabby cat names Princess.  My baking will bring you to tears of joy because my cookies are the best.


    My superhero abilities:

    1.      Solve parts issues in a single bond

    2.      Support technicians with arms of steel

    3.      Sell parts with the speed of the wind

    4.      Make macaroni & cheese that will bring you to your knees

    5.      Bake cookies to make you drool


    How you can get in touch with me:


    Call the dealership: (717) 697-9448, ext. 172

  • Erick Erickson
    CVM Dodge Parts
    Erick Erickson

    Why I work here:

    I work for CVM because of its upstanding reputation in the area.  It is a great place to work and the team is polite and professional.  I really enjoy helping others with their parts needs.


    Why you should choose me as your parts salesperson? 

    As your sales consultant I will always put you first.  I am friendly, knowledgeable and excite dto help you as my customer.


    Why should you consider buying a part from me?

    I am knowledgeable in the automotive industry and very driven to satisfy you the customer.


    About me:

    I?ve been with CVM 3 years.  I am a new father to our baby Noah.  I enjoy spending time with my family and friends.  When I have free time I enjoys sports and playing with my dogs.


    My superhero abilities:

    1.      Super fast & friendly service

    2.      Flying through the internet to find you parts


    How you can get in touch with me:

    Call the dealership: (717) 697-9448, ext. 171

  • Scott Spidle
    CVM Dodge Parts
    Scott Spidle
    (717) 697-9448

  • Erik Nordstrom
    Pre-owned Sales Manager
    Erik Nordstrom

    Why you should choose me as your sales expert:  I buy many of the great cars, trucks, vans, and SUV's you will find here (I am SUPER DUPER picky).  I don't have time to play golf or fantasy football - instead I spend all of my time working on changing the way cars are bought and sold.  No one will work harder to find you the perfect vehicle.

    How you can get in touch with me:

  • Maley Lysle
    Lot Boss
    Maley Lysle

    Why I work here:  Being a female, I have found that shopping at other dealerships the salesmen treat me like an idiot.  Other car dealerships need to acknowledge the fact that women know what they are talking about.  We are all customers and should be treated with equal respect.  That is what makes a great car dealership.  Here at CVM Autopark, you will experience a judge-free, enjoyable expereince no matter what gender you are.  I work at CVM because unlike the rest of the dealerships in the area we bring originality, creativity and passion to our customers and it shows.  The fact that we are family-owned also makes our customers feel like family the moment they walk through the doors.  Your expereince will be one for the books!

    About me:  While other young ladies my age are shopping for clothes online I am researching new technologies, fuel efficient ideas and new models coming out that particular year.  I have been a motorhead for much of my life and working at CVM has been the cure for my disease.  I also enjoy traveling, spending time with my family and friends and discovering new things that inspire me to be a better person.

    Superhero Abilities:
    1. Honest& hardoworking
    2. Ability to be at work on time consistently
    3. Attention to detail
    4. Self Motivated 

  • Cindy Lacroce
    Subaru Sales Manager
    Cindy Lacroce

    Hi, my name is Cindy and I joined the Subaru Team here at CVM in March of 2013. I have been in the Automobile business since 1982, working for two of the largest dealerships in the Harrisburg area.   Bigger is not always better, especially when it comes to employee and customer relations. My move to CVM  was like moving home. Here we have a relaxed family atmosphere that you won't experience elsewhere. You  will see CVM staff working together with a spirit of camaraderie to help our customers find exactly what they've been looking for.

    You'll hear a lot of good-natured laughter in our showroom and get the feeling that we genuinely like each other and that we love what we do. That kind of attitude is what is missing in the big corporate feeling dealerships. We take care of each other and we take very good care of our customers. We would love for you to experience this difference too!

  • Zack Beishline
    Subaru Sales Consultant
    Zack Beishline

    Zack doesn't like to brag so we'll do it for him.  He has been voted two years in a row the Sentinel's Best of the West for Automotive Salesperson.  Now from a message from Zack....

    Why I Work here:  CVM is well known for having strong customer relations, a welcoming & knowledgeable staff and a dedication to finding what's right for you.  That's the kind of environment I want to build a career in.

    Why you should choose me as your Salesperson:  You should choose me because I studied human interaction in college, and I am interested & dedicated to not just selling you something but building a relationship with you.  One that wont end as soon as you drive off in your new vehicle.  I want to be the point of contact for you, your family, your friends, and your coworkers. My job doesn't end at the end of the day, so let me guide you in the fun & exciting decision to be in the vehicle of your dreams!

    About Me:
      I am a graduate of Kutztown University in 2010.  I received an Associates in Music Business and a Bachelor's in Sociology.  I enjoy music, songwriting, Mario Kart & Insanity workout.

    My Superhero Abilities:
    1.  Super sensitive hearing to LISTEN to what's important to you!
    2.  Anti-Pushy-&-Hassle Shield surrounding me!
    3.  Lightening fast coffee & hot chocolate preparation skills!
    4.  Ultra-memory!  I won't forget you after you leave!

    How you can get in touch with me:


    Call the dealership: (717) 697-9448, ext. 244
    Call my cell: (717) 856-1716; texting is OK

    Read my reviews by clicking here

  • Mike Ulrich
    Subaru Sales & Leasing Consultant
    Mike Ulrich
    717-697-9448 ext 241

    Why I work here:  I like knowing that I am working for a family owned business that has been providing excellent customer service for over 40 years.

    Why you should choose me as your Salesperson:  Because I am going to listen to your wants and needs.  From that information, together, we will find you the vehicle you will love for many years to come!  Furthermore, when you purchase from me you will get something no one anywhere can give you...ME.  I'll be there for you during and after the sale.

    About Me:  I spend a lot of time with my wife and 2 children just enjoying each others company.

    Super Hero Abilities:

    1. Super hearing to listen to YOU
    2. Super speed because I value YOUR time

  • Jess Evans
    Subaru Sales & Leasing Consultant
    Jess Evans
    717-697-9448 ext242

  • Tom Hoffman
    Subaru sales & Leasing Consultant
    Tom Hoffman
    717-697-9448ext 242

    Why I work here:  Because we are family!  CVM is family owned business dating back to 1970.  Everyone works together to achieve the same goal everyday, HAPPY customers.

    Why You should choose me as your salesperson:  Because I listen to what you have to say.  I generally care about finding the car that is just right for you and your family.  I'm very friendly and easy to talk to me, I am not the pushy salesman.

    Why should YOU consider buying a car from me?  Not only will I get you a great deal but you will also be taken care of after the sale.  I won't forget your name and I will follow up with you to make sure your ownership experience is second to none.  I will do whatever it takes to be your one and only automotive sales professional.

    About Me:  I drive 92.5 miles a day just to come to work.  I have lived in Lebanon for the last 21 years.  I love all sports and especially ice hockey, which I have played all of my life.  When I am not working I enjoy hiking, swimming, golfing and biking.

    My Superhero Abilities:

    1. I can turn your frown upside down in the blink of an eye
    2. I can read minds - I know you want a Subaru before you do;-)

  • Ben Peregoy
    Subaru Sales & Leasing Consultant
    Ben Peregoy

  • Cory Wright
    Business Manager
    Cory Wright
    717-697-9448 ext 220

    Why I work here:  I love the atmosphere at CVM.  It is the perfect sized family owned business to make the car shopping experience enjoyable.  That makes my job exciting an allows me to give that excitement back to you - my customer!

    About me:  Born & raised in Shippensburg, PA.  I have an son, Jameson & a very hyperactive dog.  I love adventure sports like mountain biking, rock climbing and snowboarding!

    My Superhero Abilities:

    1. Yo hablo espanol
    2. I look the guy from the Mummy which amuses Monique a lot!

  • Doug Smith
    CVM Volkswagen Service Advisor
    Doug Smith

    Why I'm excited to work at CVM:   I work at CVM because I enjoy working in a great workplace with great customers!  The customers are what make this job so rewarding.  Seeing a customer walk in and leave with a smile is how we know we are providing the best for you in everything we do!  It is my job as a Service Advisor to take care of your vehicle to the best of my ability.  Making sure customers are taken care of and happy is our top priority here at CVM and that's why I'm proud to say I am an employee of Cumberland Valley Motors Volkswagen! 

    About Me:  Born and raised in Mechanicsburg, I graduated from High School and furthered my Education at WyoTech Institute in Automotive Mechanics.  After graduating from WyoTech I traveled around the U.S. and Canada working for Kasey Kahne Racing on a Sprint car team sponsored by MOPAR!  Cars are my hobby, especially Volkswagens and that's why I have a common bond with CVM'ers!

    How you can get a hold of me:
    Straight to my Desk: ext 253 

    Click here to see what our customers say about me...

    "...Doug explains any repairs required in a language that I could understand. Their new oil change service is especially convenient. I give them 5 stars!!!"

    "Doug Smith in service is very professional and cares about the customer."

  • Sheldon Dobbs
    Xpress Service Advisor
    Sheldon Dobbs
    717-697-9448ext 292

    Why I work here: My goal is to always provide the best quality of service.  With the service express, there is no longer a need to set an appointment for oil changes, tire rotations, engine air filter replacement, or exterior bulb replacements.                       
    Why you should choose me as your Oil change service advisor: The best part of Service express for your Subaru or Volkswagen is genuine OEM parts.  When you drive away after having your car serviced through me, you can drive with confidence knowing your car has had the genuine oil & filter that it needs installed by the certified technicians who know your car best.

    About Me: When I'm not at work, I'm most likely at home spending time with my girlfriend and cats, or I'm out trying a new restaurant.  I love spending time in the snow and mountains during the winter months.  I also enjoy spending time with family from Maine or my brother in DC.

    My Superhero Abilities:

    1.    I can have your car's oil change finished in less than 45 minutes on most days

    How you can get a hold of me:

    Straight to my Desk: 717-697-9448ext292

  • Steve Greak
    Volkswagen/Subaru Service Advisor
    Steve Greak

    Why I work here:  The family feeling and atmosphere here.  I have worked at corporations were are just a number and not looked at as an individual.  Everybody that comes through our front door is treated like a friend.  We are one big happy family at CVM Autopark, and we want to welcome you into it.

    About me:  my hobbies include brewing beer, reading and cooking.  I enjoy spending time with my wife and son.

    My Superhero Abilities:
    1. Able to make great food
    2. Wizard with beef and pork
    3. Can take malt, hops, water and yeast and make some really tasty beer!

  • Alice Stoss
    Appointment & Loaner car Coordinator
    Alice Stoss

  • Ben Riccardo
    Volkswagen/Subaru Parts Manager
    Ben Riccardo

    Why I work here:  Because I love the automotive business and love working for the Ullom Family.

    Why you should choose me as your Parts expert:  I truly have your best interests at heart in everything that I do.  And I will always deal with you fairly & honestly.  I know parts and I can always get you the part you need.

    About me:  I have been in the business for 24 years and worked for CVM for most of it.  I am very self motivated to be the best that I can be at any job I have ever had.

    I have been married for 23 years and have 2 beautiful daughters.  I am also a diehard football fan.  Go Dolphins!

    My Superhero Abilities:
    1. Focused
    2. Empathetic
    3. Loyal
    4. Friendly

  • Kurt Bogerman
    Volkswagen/Subaru Parts Co-Manager
    Kurt Bogerman

    Why I work here:

    At first the answer to this question is that because I am an automotive hobbyist, it makes sense to work in this business.  More than that though, is the fact that as an employee of CVM, I am more than just an employee number on the payroll.  CVM and I share history since 1996.


    Why you should choose me as your parts manager/consultant?

    As a "parts guy' I bring to the table 15 years of experience with Subaru and Volkswagen Parts.  I make every effort to sell the right part, even if it means spending extra time with you, the customer to be sure we're both on the  "same page."  I strive to communicate clearly and make every effort to bridge the gap between different terminologies (thingys vs. belt tensioner), in order to arrive at the item you need.


    About me:

    I've always been curious about machines.  I owe that to my grandfather, who was himself a carpenter by trade, but also an aircraft mechanic in England during WWII.  He would take me to the library where we would check out books about aircraft and automobiles.  He helped lay the groundwork for a lifelong fascination with pieces and parts.


    My superhero abilities:

    1.      Hulk fists - SMASH!

    2.      Sleep is for the dead


    How you can get in touch with me:


    Call the dealership: (717) 697-9478

  • Nic Duka
    Volkswagen/Subaru Parts
    Nic Duka

    Why I work here:

    At first it was just a job, then I moved into the parts department and it became a challenge.  I love the complexity of the automobile and how it's the bits and pieces that make them run as they should.  That's what I do I help you find the parts that make your vehicle run like a well oiled machine!  I really find the atmosphere and the people enjoyable.


    Why you should choose me as your parts consultant?

    My rugged good looks, nice smile and my willingness to help you find what you are looking for to make your vehicle perfect... whether it's a catalytic converter or monster mats.  Let's not forget my incredible knowledge, efficiency and great attitude!


    About me:

    I am friendly, laid back, easy going and highly opinionated.  I work hard, I play harder and I don't take life too seriously...that's my attitude!


    My superhero abilities:

    1.      Beaming smile

    2.      Ninja skills


    How you can get in touch with me:

    Call the dealership: (717) 697-9478

  • Mike Bede
    Import Parts Consultant
    Mike Bede

    Why I work here:  There are a lot of great people here and a lot of great cars.

    Why you should choose me as your parts guy:  I'll do whatever I can do to help you whether it's just as simple as carrying a big or bulky part or getting the door for you; I'll help the best I can.

    About me:  I absolutely love cars.  I always have as long as I can remember.  When I was 3 years old my first dream car was a 1965 Volkswagen Beetle.  I still own my first car and I always will.

    Superhero abilities:
        I can say the alphabet backwards
        I can drive anything with a steering wheel (and somethings without)

  • Jeff Harter
    Chief Financial Officer
    Jeff Harter

    WHY I WORK HERE:  I have an affection for people and and automobiles, and have been in the automotive industry for over twenty years. ?I appreciate the supportive, customer-centered atmosphere at CVM and work hard to provide exceptional service to our team. The Ulloms have created an environment where each employee is treated with dignity and respect, and valued for their potential to contribute to our mission.

    ABOUT ME:  I've been married to my high-school sweetheart for twenty years, and we have four terrific children. I spend most of my spare time in the company of family and good friends, and enjoy reading and music.  My inspired forays into home and automotive projects usually result in marital tension, but I appreciate the satisfaction that comes with self-directed endeavors.


    1. ?Can talk for several minutes without breathing

    2. ?Photographic memory

    3. ?Zero recall of the pain of past failures

  • Andrea Wright
    What don't I do
    Andrea Wright

    Why I work here:

    I like the family owned, personal interaction and the friendly atmosphere here.  Everyone knows & interacts with everyone making it a comfortable work place.  I'm able to use my abilities in my job making it a rewarding one.  CVM has treated me well over the years and I couldn't imagine working anywhere else.  Plus the people and our customers are fantastic!


    About me:

    I'm in a bowling league every Tuesday night, an avid golfer, a new homeowner, recently engaged, mom of two Boston Terriers (Gus & Gracie), and a cat (Bailey).  I like spending time at home with my kids and Kenny but I really love finding home improvements jobs for him to tackle.  Reading and movies are something else I truly enjoy .


    My superhero abilities:

    1.      Warranty wizard

    2.      Analtastic accounting abilities

    3.      Superior collection actions

    4.      Extra sensory problem solving skills


    How you can get in touch with me:


    Call the dealership: (717) 697-9448 ext 202 / 203 (see I do so much I have two phones)

  • Dawn Sherman
    Deal Administrator
    Dawn Sherman
    717-697-9448ext 205

    Why I work here:  I love the team here at CVM.  I have finally found my "home."  I feel comfortable and welcomed at CVM & you will too!

    About me:  I am married with two great sons that attend Penn State University,  In my spare time I love being with my family and 2 Pugs!

    My Superhero Abilities:
        If I don't know the answer to a question I can find the answer in a jiffy!

  • Heather Stark
    Deal Administrator
    Heather Stark

  • Linda Hostetter
    Human Resources & Accounts Payable
    Linda Hostetter

  • Hugh Freet
    CVM Reconditioning Manager
    Hugh Freet

    Why I work here:

    I thoroughly enjoy working on the detail side of the car business.  I enjoy working at CVM because this company has given me the freedom to grow my skills in so many different areas of the car business.  I not only like working on cars, I enjoy helping customers solve the unusual problems like tree sap, spider poop, light scratches, etc and get a lot of satisfaction knowing that they are happy when they get their car back from me.


    Why you should choose me as your detailer?

    My many years of experience as a problem solver in detailing automobiles allows me to make your vehicle look like it just came off of the showroom floor.  Also my willingness to try new products and procedures so that my department and I stay on the cutting edge of clean!


    About me:

    I have a strong work ethic and I always see the job through to the end.  I am a well-rounded grandfather of 5 and hope I have instilled my beliefs and values on to my children and their children.  I love to walk around the countryside with my wife, Meg, fishing and golfing are all at the top of my list of fun things to do.  A little known fact about me ? I love winter it is my favorite season!


    My superhero abilities:

    1.      MacGyverisms: able to solve complex problems with everyday materials I find at hand, along with my ever-present duct tape and screwdriver.

    2.      Creates inventions from simple items to solve everyday problems

    3.      Enhanced ability to get things done


    How you can get in touch with me:


    Call the dealership: (717) 697-9448, ext. 321

  • Jeff Myers
    CVM Volkswagen Reconditioning
    Jeff Myers

    Why I work here:  Well known and established dealership.  We have a great reputation and always put the customer first.

    Why you should choose me as your DETAILER:  I enjoy my work, being challenged with each job I perform.  I am very particular about the work I do.  I have 25 years with CVM Autopark and I work well with my fellow peers.  I care about the work I do and I am always willing to learn or improve so I can meet or exceed our customers expectations.

    About me:
      Born and raised in the Carlisle area, married with one beautiful, smart, wonderful, incredibly sweet daughter.  (Can you tell I'm proud of my girl?)  Enjoy hunting, fishing, wood working and anything outdoors.

    My Superhero Abilities:
    1.  Honest & Loyal
    2.  Hardworking
    3.  Ability to change and adapt

  • Allen Rice
    CVM Dodge Reconditioning
    Allen Rice

    Why I work here:  The team work within my department.

    Why you should choose me as your DETAILER:  Your car is my car.  If I don't like it I'll find a way to make it right.  I'm not afraid to take out the seats, carpet or interior panels to clean the vehicle so it looks and smells new.

    About me:  I am always on time, I will come in early and work through lunch or stay late to help a customer.

    Married with a son and a daughter that I love spending time with when I am not working!  I also enjoy NASCAR, hunting, fishing, and cooking.   


  • Cody Rice
    New Car Prep
    Cody Rice

    Why I work here:  I like the satisfaction of seeing the new cars showroom clean.

    About me:  I graduated from East Pennsboro High in 2011.  I play drums and percussion.  In my spare time I love to hunt.  I taught marching percussion at East Penn High too.

  • Ed Ullom
    Ed Ullom

    My wife and I started Cumberland Valley Motors in 1971 with a dream to provide a unique and exceptional buying experience.  I am now retired but often stop in the dealership to say hello to old & new customers.  Thank you for your business.

  • Janine Ullom
    Janine Ullom

    Janine Roland Ullom was born in Vittel France on March 19, 1932. She married Edwin Ullom on December 27, 1952 and made her home in the United States. After a life of love, partnership and friendship she died on June 10, 2012 with her adoring family surrounding her.

    Janine & Ed's was a love story of the ages and their love produced four children: Garth, Liane who preceded her in death, Brigitte and Monique . She also had a beautiful granddaughter Liane G Ullom.

    She was the best mother & grandmother, the embodiment of unselfish love and devotion, our guiding light and our inspiration in life. She was a wife as steadfast in her commitment and love of our father as she was in all things in life. She was a lifelong friend, someone you knew you could rely on no matter what. She was a manager and a business partner whose creative financial sense has kept her family intact and the family business, Cumberland Valley Autopark, on course.

    The loss of Janine is one that will affect everyone who knew and loved her. She was Christmas, rainbows, sunsets and chocolate rolled into one beautiful person. Everything she did was magic and birthdays and holidays will never be the same without her smile to light up the room.